Yale University '24
Double B.S. Intensive Physics & Intensive Mathematics
GPA: 3.94

Spring Grove Public School '20
First in School's History to Attend an Ivy League

Relevant Coursework Materials
Quantum Mechanics I,II (Graduate) Cheat Sheet I, Cheat Sheet II
Intro to Quantum Information Notes
Quantum Many Body Theory (Graduate)
Techniques of Microwave Measurement and RF Design (Graduate) Final Project
Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
Electromagnetic Fields & Optics Notes
Advanced Classical Mechanics Cheat Sheet
Modern Physical Measurement I, II
Intensive Introductory Physics I, II CM Notes, E&M / QM Notes
Introduction to Functional Analysis (Graduate)
Measure Theory and Integration (Graduate) Notes
Abstract Algebra
Complex Analysis Notes
Probability Theory
Computability & Logic
Vector Calculus & Linear Algebra I, II