Alexander Deters

Experimental QC @ Schoelkopf Lab  •  Quantum Control & Distributed FPGA Design

Hi, my name is Alex!

I'm a quantum computing experimentalist in Rob Schoelkopf's group. My current work particularly focuses on maturing FPGA based quantum control solutions via the RFSoC board and researching techniques for improving linearity in microwave signal generation. I'm an undergraduate at Yale University, where I dual major in physics and math.

I've previously worked on FPGA research in Lin Zhong's group, where I developed and implemented a schema for automatically generating hardware designs for quantum error correction codes across an FPGA network. I additionally developed a partial argument for the still-open problem of the time complexity of a distributed surface code decoding algorithm.

I fell in love almost immediately with hands on experimentation and throughout my time I've picked up practical experience in the day to day world of researching superconducting circuits, including pulse-level physics, handling lab hardware such as VNAs, signal generators, and spectrum analyzers; as well as Linux overhead administration. Going forward I'm particularly interested in delving further into cavity QED schemas for hardware optimized error correction.

I'm originally from a goat farm in rural Minnesota, and I speak English and Russian. In my free time I enjoy brewing espresso, weightlifting, and reworking my Vim setup for the umpteenth time. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries!